Navigating insurance claims can be overwhelming, but at Origin Construction, we provide the expertise and support you need to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

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What is Insurance Restoration?

Insurance is a communal system that takes care of those affected by disaster, taking the worry of financial hardship out of the equation when it comes to catastrophic loss.

Insurance restoration is when an insurance company pays for the repairs by construction professionals on a home or business in the event of specific types of damage, often severe weather-related, as opposed to damage from normal, expected wear-and-tear.

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About 1 in 20 insured homes has a claim each year.

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Insurance Policy Types

Homeowners insurance policies generally cover destruction and damage to a residence’s interior and exterior, the loss or theft of possessions, and personal liability for harm to others. We will primarily cover destruction caused by hail and wind to the exterior.

Actual Cash Value

ACV is the basic level of coverage. In simple terms, the insurance company pays out the value of what was damaged based on what it was currently worth, not how much the property owner paid for them. Claims under this policy have the depreciation deducted

Replacement Cost Value

RCV is the more popular policy because it covers the ACV without deducting depreciation. This policy is recommended because it doesn’t just cover the value of the home, it provides coverage to rebuild your home up to the original value.


Guaranteed Replacement

Guaranteed (or extended) replacement cost/value is the most premium, inflation- proof policy. It’s similar in structure to the Replacement Cost coverage, however this policy pays out whatever it costs to rebuild the home, even if its more than the policy limit.

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Visually inspect the roof for cracked, torn, bald, or missing shingles


Scan the roof for loose materials or wear around chimneys, vents, pipes, etc.


Look out for excessive 3 shingle granules in gutters. This is an indicator of advanced wear


Examine downspouts are secured. Ensure drains are open and allow water to flow and gutters and downspouts are free of obstructions.

Inspect your Roof

Before the worst happens.

If the roof has experienced heavy storm damage, you may need to question whether the roof needs to be replaced.

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Hail Bruising

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Shingle Curling

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Missing Shingles


Asked Questions

When a roofing professional conveys a strong knowledge of the insurance claims process he/she can instill confidence in the homeowner by ensuring a more complete payout and proper restoration. Here are some popular homeowner questions during the claim process.
What should my first steps be?

Change to Call Origin Construction first, before calling insurance. We work for you and will work alongside your insurance company to ensure you receive top quality repairs and guidance through the insurance process.

Will you cover my deductible?

No, we will not cover your deductible. Roofing contractors who say they will cover the deductible are committing insurance fraud. We pride ourselves in being honest and fair with all of our customers and therefore we do not compromise on our ethics.

Who should I work with when filing an insurance claim?
If your home has been damaged or destroyed, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the loss and by the repair, replace, and recovery process that lies ahead. If your property was insured, that insurance policy is the best vehicle to get you back home. If this is your first experience with a large insurance claim, recognize that it’s a business negotiation. Origin Construction is here to ensure you get the highest quality material and workmanship on your investment.
How can I get a fair settlement?

If you’re like most people, your home is your biggest asset. Insurance companies often read their policies with a bias that is too much in their favor. Don’t accept an insurance company’s calculation of what they owe on your claim without contacting Origin Construction first.

Do you follow price guidelines?

The insurance company will only pay according to its “pricing guidelines” but they don’t match what local contractors are charging — what can I do? Computers don’t repair and build homes, licensed contractors do. Your insurance company owes you for what an experienced and reputable contractor would charge you to do the required work to put your home back to its pre-loss condition. Insurance companies use guideline pricing and “Xactimate” (computerized home replacement cost estimating software) to predict how much materials and labor should cost. However, an estimate prepared by a qualified local, licensed, and bonded contractor who has visited the loss site and reviewed information about the pre-loss structure is generally the most reliable basis for a claim settlement.

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