Insurance Agents

We work hand in hand with insurance agents to provide comprehensive coverage that protects your home and investment.

Become a Premier Partner with Origin Construction.

Origin Construction works for you and will work alongside your insurance company to ensure you receive top quality repairs and guidance through the insurance process. 

Expertise and Experience

Origin Construction’s experienced team ensures that property damage assessments and insurance claims are handled professionally and efficiently.

Streamlined Communication

Origin Construction acts as a liaison between customers and insurance companies, simplifying the claims process and ensuring clear and effective communication.

Quality Workmanship

Customers can expect high-quality construction and repair services, backed by Origin Construction’s commitment to excellence.

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Asked Questions

How does Origin Construction typically interact with my insurance agent?

Origin Construction often collaborates with insurance agents when homeowners need to file a claim for property damage. They assess the extent of the damage, provide estimates, and communicate directly with the insurance company to streamline the claims process.

What information should I provide to Origin Construction regarding my insurance coverage?

It’s crucial to share your insurance policy details with Origin Construction, including your policy number, the insurance company’s contact information, and the adjuster’s name if one has been assigned to your claim.

Will Origin Construction work with any insurance provider, or do they have preferred partners?

Many construction companies, including Origin Construction, have experience working with a variety of insurance providers. However, some may have preferred partners or relationships with specific insurers, which can streamline the claims process.

How does Origin Construction help me with the insurance claim process?

Origin Construction can assist by documenting the damage, preparing detailed estimates, and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. They aim to ensure that you receive a fair settlement for necessary repairs or replacements.

What happens if the insurance company denies my claim?

If your insurance claim is denied, Origin Construction will work with you to explore alternative options, such as appealing the denial or discussing potential financing for repairs.

How can I ensure a smooth collaboration between Origin Construction and my insurance agent?

Effective communication is key. Stay in touch with both Origin Construction and your insurance agent throughout the process, sharing updates and information as needed to facilitate a successful resolution of your property damage claim.

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